Yemen Court Rejects Kerala Nurse’s Plea Against Death Penalty – Urgent Appeal for International Support!

Priya was convicted of killing Talal Abdo Mahdi after she injected him with sedatives in an attempt to retrieve her passport from his possession.

Yemen Supreme Court Rejects Plea Against Death Sentence for Kerala Nurse Nimisha Priya. Urgent Plea to Delhi High Court: Decide on Mother’s Request to Travel to Yemen Within a Week. Priya’s Mother Seeks Permission Despite Indian Travel Ban, Aims to Negotiate ‘Blood Money’ for Daughter’s Release.

The petitioner, represented by advocate Subash Chandaran KR, had previously pleaded with the court, asserting that the sole avenue to save her daughter hinges on direct negotiations with the victim’s family, a process requiring her physical presence in Yemen. However, the existing hurdle remains the travel ban for Indian nationals.

During Thursday’s proceedings, the representative for the Centre apprised the high court that a recent notification may allow for the relaxation of the travel ban to Yemen, permitting Indian nationals to visit for specific reasons and within limited durations.

“In consideration of the representation, let the current petition be treated as a representation. The respondent is instructed to decide on the representation within one week from today,” ordered Justice Subramonium Prasad.

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