Worried About Your Aadhaar Card Being Misused? Here’s How You Can Ensure Safety Of Your Digital ID

Worried About Your Aadhaar Card Being Misused? Here's How You Can Ensure Safety Of Your Digital ID

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has recommended people to use Aadhaar confidently and as per their preferences to access benefits and services, but to practise the same level of usage hygiene as one would with other identity cards like a bank account, PAN, or passport. body that issues aadhaar Residents were also cautioned by UIDAI not to leave their Aadhaar letter, PVC card, or copy lying around unattended. Residents are urged against sharing their Aadhaar information publicly, especially on social media and other open forums, the UIDAI stated in a statement.

Holders of an Aadhaar should not share their m-Aadhaar PIN or Aadhaar OTP (one-time password) with any unauthorised parties.

“Use Aadhaar confidently as per your choice to avail benefits and services, but observe same level of usage hygiene like any other identity documents including bank account, PAN or Passport,” UIDAI said.

For residents all around the country, Aadhaar serves as a single source for both online and offline identification verification.

“While sharing Aadhaar with any trusted entity, the same level of caution may be exercised which one does at the time of sharing mobile number, bank account number or any other identity document like Passport, Voter Id, PAN, Ration Card…,” UIDAI said.

When a resident doesn’t want to share their Aadhaar number, UIDAI offers the option of creating a Virtual Identifier instead. In addition to biometric locking, UIDAI also offers Aadhaar locking.


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