Will the 8th Pay Commission Replace the 7th Pay Commission In 2024? Read To Know!

8th Pay commission

Even as the Central government employees are waiting for an announcement on a DA hike anytime soon, a report by DNA said there is an increasing buzz around considerations on the 8th Pay Commission. The buzz comes as there has been a strong demand for talks of replacement of 7th Pay Commission rules with 8th Pay for a long time.

According to earlier reports, the Centre was supposed to announce the 8th Pay Commission implementation plan during Union Budget 2023. However, no such announcement was made.

The most recent reports have again raised anticipation for the 8th Pay Commission among government workers.

For government employees, the pay commission regulations often alter every ten years. The fifth, sixth and seventh pay commission implementations followed this pattern.


Even though there is no official announcement on the 8th Pay Commission, recent reports claim that the Centre may start work on it and make an announcement in 2024. The DNA report claimed that the Centre may announce the 8th Pay Commission ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections of 2024 to bring a massive pre-poll boost for lakhs of government employees. However, the talks in this regard will reach a severe stage after the election results are declared and a new government is formed.

If these rumours are accurate, the 8th Pay Commission could replace the 7th Pay Commission by 2024. The proposals might be put into practice by 2026 if it is implemented. Government employees will receive a significant pay increase from the lowest to the highest levels of the salary scale after the 8th Pay Commission’s recommendations are implemented.


The Central government employees are now waiting for an announcement on the DA hike, and an official at the Ministry of Finance said there could be a 4 per cent DA hike by next week as the paperwork is still underway.


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