Wedding Video: Neighbors upset due to Punjabi wedding abroad, called police and made them dance on the drums

Wedding Video Neighbors upset due to Punjabi wedding abroad, called police and made them dance on the drums

Wedding Video: In the video, the policemen arrived at the Punjabi wedding after complaining of loud noises, but as soon as they heard the Punjabi songs, they started doing Bhangra. People are reacting fiercely to this video.

Police Bhangra in Punjabi Wedding Video: In any Punjabi marriage, if you did not do Bhangra on the drums, then what did you do? If you have ever attended a Punjabi wedding, you must have seen many traditions being followed; Like ‘Jaago’ which lasts till late night. Wherever Indian weddings are organized in the world, people do not lag behind in dancing and singing. A video is going viral on Instagram, in which it is shown that the police were called after complaining of loud music playing late at night at a wedding in California. However, what she did next will surprise you.

Neighbor complains for playing loud music in marriage

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office was called by neighbors to complain about loud music during a wedding. But instead of stopping the songs being played at the wedding, two police personnel danced fiercely with the guests. In the video, the cop can be seen dancing happily to a Punjabi song along with other guests.

The video was posted to Instagram by a Kanda Productions page, a California-based wedding photography company. The video was posted on April 15 and has been viewed over 6.18 lakh times so far.

Video is going viral on Instagram

The caption of the video that went viral on Instagram wrote, ‘When the police are called after the complaint, but the thing to note is that this is a Punjabi wedding.’ Artist Manpreet Toor who was a part of the wedding ceremony said, ‘Best mama’. Tagging the SJ County Sheriff’s Department page, one Instagram user wrote, ‘They all looked super chill.’ Another user posted, ‘Great to see that our officers can bring a smile to our community while on duty.’


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