Viral Video: Woman Steals Necklace Worth Lakhs In Busy UP Store; Check Details

Viral Video: Woman Steals Necklace Worth Lakhs In Busy UP Store; Check Details

There is a video online of a woman stealing a jewellery that costs lakhs. It has shocked online users and is quickly becoming viral. On November 17, the incident happened inside a jewellery store in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

At the now-viral video, a saree-clad woman was going various necklace sets at the Bechu Lal Sarafa Private Limited jewellery store in Baldev Plaza while wearing a mask and dark sunglasses. The woman held two boxes on her lap and pretended to look the jewellery more closely. After that, she placed one of them back on the counter and cleverly hid the other in the folds of her saree.

Although it appears that there is merely a box that sits on top of the feet, this is not the case. Another box of necklaces is hidden cleverly beneath that open one by the woman when she leans slightly and drapes her saree.

Now that she is focused on the hidden box, she adjusts her saree repeatedly such that it is concealed from everywhere. She then requests that the female employee put on the necklace she is admiring before acting as though she did not care for any of the other necklaces.

She quickly scooped up her purse, stuffed the jewellery inside the saree, and took off running. The CCTV system records the entire theft incident.

This case has come to the fore from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Here a high profile looking woman who came as a customer at a jewelery shop in Golghar stole a gold necklace. The value of the stolen necklace is said to be Rs 10 lakh. The incident took place on November 17 at the showroom of Bechu Lal Saraf Private Limited located at Baldev Plaza in Cantt area.


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