Video: Ranu Mandal again came into limelight, won the hearts of fans by singing ‘Tata-Bye Bye’

Ranu Mandal again came into limelight, won the hearts of fans by singing ‘Tata-Bye Bye’

Ranu Mandal’s name was on everyone’s mouth at one time. Somebody recorded and shared his video singing a song at the railway station. The video became so viral that Himesh Reshammiya even gave him a chance to sing a song. Ranu has sung the song ‘Teri Meri Kahani’. At the same time, now Ranu Mandal is seen again making headlines.

Ranu Mandal’s new video is going viral on the internet right now. In which she is seen singing something different. Let me tell you, Ranu Mandal is in the clothes of the house and is singing a song in her voice. During this, some fans took selfies with him, while some people recorded the video in their mobile camera. A fan appealed to Ranu Mandal to sing the song once again.

Ranu Mandal also listened to her fans and made Tata-bye bye song on the spot and heard it. After which the people standing there became very happy. He surprised people by singing the song ‘Tata-bye bye’ in his voice. Currently, this video has been shared on Instagram by asifa.mir4.

Let us inform that a video of Ranu Mandal singing at Kolkata station went viral on social media. When this video surfaced, her voice was compared to that of Lata Mangeshkar. After this, Himesh Reshammiya gave Ranu Mandal a chance to sing in the film. After which Ranu won everyone’s heart with her melodious voice. After being in the limelight for a long time, she was also trolled on stage for forgetting songs, misbehaving with fans and heavy make-up.


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