URGENT: Government Bans These Cars! Driving Them Could Cost You Rs 20,000. Get the Latest Updates Here!

Delhi Government Takes Bold Step: Bans BS3 and BS4 Vehicles with Heavy Fines of Rs 20,000!”

In a major decision, the Delhi government has enforced a strict ban on vehicles with BS3 and BS4 engine norms. Any sighting of these vehicles on the road will result in an immediate challan of Rs 20,000. This regulation encompasses both petrol and diesel vehicles. The move has been made to combat the deteriorating air quality in Delhi and protect the health of its residents, as the city’s pollution levels have reached alarming levels, with an average Air Quality Index (AQI) of 392 over the past 24 hours.

In response to the escalating pollution crisis, the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) has implemented GRAP-3 rules in Delhi-NCR. These rules include a comprehensive ban on all types of construction and demolition activities in Delhi-NCR, except for essential services, government projects, and strategically important construction work. If you own a BS3 or BS4 vehicle, you must take note of these developments.

Additionally, the Delhi High Court has issued a significant order in the interest of the city’s citizens. Over-aged vehicles that were seized in the capital are to be returned to their owners, subject to certain conditions. Owners of these vehicles must park them permanently in private areas or commit to removing them from the city limits. Justice Prateek Jalan is overseeing various petitions regarding the seizure of cars for violating court orders.

The court has mandated a ban on the use of petrol-powered vehicles after 15 years and diesel-powered vehicles after 10 years. The Delhi government has been instructed to establish a policy for dealing with vehicles whose owners are willing to ensure that they will not use these vehicles in the city. Proper publicity of this policy is also required. The court’s objective is not to confiscate cars but to ensure a pollution-free national capital while balancing the right to use one’s property and environmental interests.

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