Urfi Javed Wore Transparent Polythene Pants With Bralette, Take a Look At The Pictures!

Urfi Javed In Bold Transparent Outfit.

Currently, only Urfi Javed’s name is being discussed on social media. Urfi is making a lot of headlines for her incredible fashion sense. She is still a paparazzi favourite these days due to her fashion sense. She is sometimes trolled as a result of this. Not only trolls, but also celebrities, have been seen mocking her for her clothing. Regardless of all of this, Urfi continues to update her fans with new photos and videos. Meanwhile, Urfi’s new appearance appears to be surprising everyone yet again. One of her most recent videos is going viral on social media. Check out Urfi’s new look right here…

Urfi Javed was spotted wearing her new look again on Thursday. People’s heads turned again when they saw her fashion sense. Urfi can be seen in the video wearing a purple bralette top and pants made of transparent polythene. Urfi’s dress is paired with high heels. She has worn her hair in an open style with this dress. Urfi was seen posing in the hotel lobby while wearing this dress. At the same time, she informs the paparazzi that I am in good shape.

Urfi Javed’s video is becoming increasingly popular on social media. In this video, fans’ comment threads are constantly pouring in. A user commented on this, asking, ‘Is this type of clothing allowed in the hotel?’ ‘Monsoon warning,’ said one user. As a result, another user writes, ‘Please stop this person.’ ‘I came wearing a raincoat,’ one said. Many more of her fans can be seen trolling her by leaving comments.

Let us remind you that prior to this video, another Urfi video was discussed. Urfi Javed posted this video to her Instagram account. Urfi is wearing a white shirt and appears to be braless in the video. Urfi isn’t wearing anything underneath this shirt. Simultaneously, she has formed a large bun in her forces. At the same time, many of the buttons on the shirt’s front are unbuttoned. Urfi is not dressed in pants and a shirt, but she is wearing a heavy neck piece around her neck. This video received a lot of attention on social media.


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