Urfi Javed revealed the top secret of her designer clothes, hearing it will cause headache


New Delhi: Urfi Javed makes headlines for her unique outfits. She often gets trolled for her fashion choices, but it doesn’t really bother her. Now, the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestants have finally revealed their fashion secrets. This fashion secret of hers is so strange that you will hold your head after listening to it.

This is how you make your designer dress

Recently, Urfi Javed admitted that she cuts her dress and prepares a different dress from it. In a video from Instant Bollywood, Urfi openly shared her fashion trick and said, ‘I will tell you… the clothes I wear are not.. So if there is a dress.. I cut it into a crop-top and skirt. .’

Repeat dressage

In this video, Urfi also admitted that she repeats her outfits and completely transforms them by dyeing them with different colors. She further said, ‘I make the dress something new by beating it, and dye it too.. so that you people (media) never know that I am wearing the same dress.’ However, in the comments of this video, people are praising Urfi’s honesty.

Urfi was seen eating Vada Pav

In the same video, Urfi was seen eating ‘Vada Pav’ and apologized to the paparazzi for a while. However, the paparazzi captured the moment as well. It is clearly visible in the video that Urfi Javed is very hungry. As soon as the video surfaced, people started commenting on it. A user said, ‘Where would my mop’s cloth have gone!!!’ Another netizen said, ‘I don’t understand Didi’s fashion.’ Another user added, ‘The poor person has no clothes to wear and only vada pav to eat.’

Rakhi Sawant was seen with

Rakhi Sawant was recently seen with Urfi Javed. This video of both of them became fiercely viral on social media and both were also trolled for this video.


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