Urfi Javed reached the casino, did this work to earn money, bo*ld video is going viral

Urfi Javed was caught on camera wearing a swimsuit, sitting on the stairs in such a pose

Urfi Javed Casino: A new video of Urfi Javed from Goa vacation has surfaced on social media. In this video, Urfi Javed is seen in a very bo*ld style in casinos.

Urfi Javed Casino Video: Urfi Javed dominates with her bo*ld and cool style. More than one great video of the actress remains viral on social media. Now a new video of Urfi Javed has surfaced in this episode. In this video, the actress is seen engrossed in fun in casinos with her friends. Urfi herself has shared this video with the fans through Instagram.

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Actually, Urfi has recently returned from Goa after celebrating a vacation with her friends, but the pictures and videos of this vacation are not taking the name of stopping. Urfi is still completely lost in this vacation and keeps sharing videos with the fans there. This time Urfi has shared a video of her playing casino games like Rashi Wheel and Card Poker with her friends in the casino. Let us tell you that a big bet of money is made in this game.

Urfi javed airport video

Recently, Urfi Javed was spotted at the Mumbai airport. During this, the actress was looking very gorgeous in a blue printed saree. As always, during this time also everyone’s eyes remained on the look of Urfi Javed. Although the actress appeared in a beautiful sari during this time, but she only added a touch of bo*ldness to this look with her blouse.

Urfi javed fashion sense

Let us tell you that Urfi Javed has become a different sensation on social media due to her fashion sense. Fans eagerly wait for every picture and video of the actress. And as soon as Urfi shares her latest look with fans, it becomes viral within minutes.


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