Urfi Javed came on the road without wearing a top, seeing people lost their senses – see here

Urfi Javed came on the road without wearing a top, seeing people lost their senses-min

Oops…! Urfi Javed, you are really wreaking havoc with your hotness. As much as you praise the bo*ld style of Urfi Javed in the new pictures, it will probably be less. Urfi’s new look is super sizzling along with being Atrangi.

Outfits that are difficult to even think of, Urfi carries such super bo*ld dresses with utmost confidence. Urfi has proved with her new look that she has no answer when it comes to flaunting style statements and bo*ld looks.

The most highlighting part of Urfi’s look is her upper portion. The actress is neither wearing a bralette nor a crop top this time. You will be surprised that this time instead of the top, the actress has worn many chains only around her neck. The most interesting thing is that the chains worn by Urfi have also put locks in it.

Oh… oh… don’t laugh! You look at the pictures of the actress. The chains that Urfi wore around the neck, have many locks and safety pins in pink, blue and black colors. Wearing locks and chains around her neck instead of the top, Urfi teamed it up with a bikini bottom, with a netted netted skirt attached.

Urfi has applied nude pinkish tone lipstick with her atrangi outfit. The actress completed her look with pink eyeshadow and eyeliner. Urfi has made a high ponytail in her hair. Urfi has also decorated her braid with a chain. Wearing white high heels, Urfi has given a glam touch to her look.

Seeing this look of Urfi Javed, it would be said that the actress has set a new trend in the fashion world by wearing chains and locks around her neck instead of the top. When it comes to style and bo*ld fashion, Urfi has no answer in this matter.

Photos and videos of Urfi in the new look are dominating social media platforms. Fans are surprised to see Urfi wearing locks and chains around her neck. It would not be wrong to say that Urfi Javed has really created panic with his look this time.


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