Unlocking Bank Locker Rules: What’s In, What’s Out? Get the Latest Guidelines You Need to Know!

Bank locker facilities are widely offered by various banks, serving as secure storage spaces for people’s valuable belongings. While many believe that a bank locker can accommodate anything, there are certain restrictions. The State Bank of India, for instance, emphasizes that bank lockers must be used for legitimate purposes. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently introduced some alterations to locker rules.

According to SBI, items of value such as jewelry and important documents can be stored in bank lockers, but cash and currency are not permissible. Weapons or explosives are strictly prohibited in any bank locker, and illicit substances like drugs are also banned from storage. Additionally, perishable items should not be kept in the locker, as they can attract pests, produce odors, and lead to various other issues.

Furthermore, bank lockers cannot house radioactive materials or any item that is illegal or prohibited by Indian law. In essence, no material can be stored in a bank locker that may pose a threat or result in losses for the bank or its customers.

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