Trisha’s Revealing Speech at Leo Success Meet: ‘My Longest Journey with a Co-Star Was with Vijay

At the Leo success meet, Trisha said that Lokesh Kanagaraj’s set felt like home to her.

In addition to the viral speech by Vijay, the Leo success meet held another captivating moment when Trisha graced the stage. The renowned actor, known for her stunning presence, donned an elegant red saree as she shared her thoughts on reuniting with Vijay after a hiatus of 15 years. Trisha expressed her sense of familiarity and comfort on the sets of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s “Leo,” stating that it felt like coming back home.

“I am hugely honored to be part of your (Lokesh Kanagaraj) magic called LCU. Vijay… It was like meeting a school friend again after a long time. There was the same comfort, love, and friendship. In my 20-year career, the most long-term journey I had with a co-star was with Vijay. They say home is not a place, but it is a person. Leo’s set was like that… I used to tell Lokesh, ‘It doesn’t feel work we all working much.’ But we were. It felt like a vacation,” she said.

During her time on stage, Trisha expressed her gratitude to all her co-stars in “Leo.” Specifically addressing Gautham Menon, who portrayed the character of Joshi in the film, Trisha remarked, “Our journey dates back quite a while, and I never anticipated that we would share screen space once again.” Gautham had previously directed Trisha in the blockbuster film “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya,” which has since earned its place as a modern-day romantic classic in Tamil cinema.

During the Leo success meet, anchor Dhivyadharshini made a playful reference to Trisha’s blockbuster film with Vijay, “Ghilli,” and inquired if ‘Thalapathy’ had finally managed to get her the beloved “Kaara pori” (puffed rice). To this, Trisha humorously replied, “No, should I do another film with him to earn that?” She went on to explain, “Fans have been asking when we would collaborate again, given the 15-year gap. Today, the chemistry between us worked because of this long hiatus. We have both evolved as mature individuals during this time.”

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