Tragedy Strikes Haryana: Six Lives Lost Due to Consumption of Adulterated Liquor in Yamunanagar District

Haryana news: During the probe, police got information from two villages in the district that three other people were cremated on Tuesday (November 7) and two more on Wednesday (November 8).

Tragedy struck in Haryana as six individuals lost their lives after consuming suspected spurious liquor in the villages of Mandebari and Panjeta Ka Majra in Yamunanagar district. The police reported this devastating incident on November 8, with two others admitted to hospitals for treatment.

The victims had reportedly consumed the liquor and subsequently experienced vomiting. Tragically, five of them passed away, and three others were rushed to private hospitals, where one more person succumbed to the effects of the liquor. Shockingly, the families of the deceased individuals, namely Suresh Kumar, Sonu, Surinder Pal, Swaran Singh, and Mehar Chand, reportedly conducted cremations without undergoing post-mortem examinations.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing, and several individuals have been detained for questioning. However, the exact cause of the deaths is yet to be determined.

Yamunanagar Superintendent of Police (SP) Ganga Ram Punia provided information about the case, explaining that they received reports from a hospital about the suspected spurious liquor death of one person on Wednesday afternoon. He emphasized that the exact cause of death would only be confirmed after a post-mortem examination, but the police initiated an investigation based on the provided information and inquired about the matter in nearby villages.

During their inquiry, the police discovered that three other individuals were cremated on Tuesday, along with two more on Wednesday in the district. These five cases, along with the one reported by the hospital, are being treated as suspected spurious liquor poisoning incidents because they all involved deaths under suspicious circumstances.

The families of the five other deceased individuals chose to conduct cremations without informing the police, preventing post-mortem examinations from taking place.

When asked about the source of the suspected adulterated liquor, SP Punia stated that they are in the process of verifying the details, and the investigation is ongoing. He added that they have detained some suspects for questioning.

The deceased individuals ranged in age, and it is believed that they consumed the suspected spurious liquor on Tuesday night. While five of them passed away after some time, one individual died at the hospital on Wednesday. Two more individuals are currently undergoing treatment at separate medical facilities. An FIR has been registered in the matter, according to another police official from the district.

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