This Income Tax Planner Tool Can Help You SAVE MONEY: Check Here!

This Income Tax Planner Tool Can Help You SAVE MONEY: Check Here!

Clear Tax Planner to provide suggestions like tax-saving investments, salary exemptions, medical insurance, loans, tax harvesting, advance taxes, etc. 

Clear (formerly ClearTax), has launched a tax planner tool for individual taxpayers where users can input some basic information and get a report personalized to their profile. Clear said in a statement that a large number of taxpayers put off tax planning until the last minute, which is usually until the employer begins seeking proof for tax-saving investments. Leaving this decision to the last minute leads to taxpayers’ making choices that don’t align with their financial goals or are not optimal. 

“Using our tool is the ideal method for people to acquire carefully curated tax-saving suggestions all in one spot. Taxpayers can save money and optimise their taxes by automating tax preparation with this technology, according to Srivatsan Chari, co-founder of Clear.

Taxpayers must give some basic information about their income, deductions, exemptions, etc. in order to use this service. The programme then offers a number of suggestions for reducing taxes while taking into account key portions of the Income Tax Act.

The Tax Planner offers advice on tax-saving investments, salary exemptions, health insurance, loans, tax harvesting, advance taxes, and other topics.

Only 40% of filers completely utilise the Rs. 1.5 lakh tax deduction allowed by Section, according to statistics from Clear.


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