Tejas Box Office Collection Day 4: Tejas Struggles on Monday | Total Earnings Revealed!

Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas: From Bold Claims to Box Office Bust Despite Kangana Ranaut’s bold claims, her film Tejas is facing a box office disaster. Touted as India’s first action aerial film, the film’s actual performance tells a different story. Within just four days of its release, Tejas has plummeted in terms of earnings. To everyone’s dismay, the film collected a mere Rs. 50 lakh on Monday, failing to captivate the audience in theaters. Film experts have even suggested that if Tejas had been released on an OTT platform, it might have fared better financially.

Tejas Fails the Monday Test

Initial data indicates that the film’s collection dropped to just Rs. 1 lakh on Monday. As reported by Sacnilk, Tejas had earned 50 lakhs by the end of October 30, resulting in a net domestic box office revenue of Rs. 4.25 crore. The film, which features Kangana Ranaut in the lead role, hit theaters last Friday. Despite Ranaut’s vigorous promotion, Tejas is struggling to make an impact in the business department.

Four Days In, Tejas’ Box Office Plummets from Crores to Lakhs As four days have passed since the release of Tejas, the film’s collection has sharply declined from crores to mere lakhs. Furthermore, the prospects of the film achieving substantial business are dwindling. Even on weekends, Tejas failed to generate significant numbers. The film garnered 1.30 crores on the second day (Saturday) and just 1.20 crores on the third day (Sunday). Consequently, the film managed a net business of only Rs 3.30 crore during its opening weekend.

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