Sushmita Sen Lalit Modi Relation: People called Sushmita Sen a ‘gold digger greedy woman’, the actress said


Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is in the news these days about her relationship. 10 year old businessman Lalit Modi made his relationship with Sushmita official by sharing the pictures. Since then, the fans of the actress are quite surprised. In such a situation, while the actress was supported by all the celebs and fans, some people are also criticizing and trolling her a lot due to this relationship. In such a situation, Sushmita Sen has given a befitting reply to the troll.

Sushmita Sen getting trolled

People are calling Sushmita Sen ‘money greedy woman’ and ‘gold digger’ for dating 10 years elder Lalit Modi. Now Sushmita Sen has vented her anger on the troller through a post for being called a gold digger. On this, Sushmita Sen has now written a long note sharing a picture on her official Instagram handle.

Sushmita Sen gave the contract answer

In this note, Sushmita has written, “In the past, my name is being tossed a lot on social media by calling Gold Digger the greedy of wealth. I am being heavily criticized. But I do not care for these critics at all. I I have the ability to judge not gold but diamond. In such a situation, calling gold digger through some intellectuals clearly shows their lower mentality. Apart from these frivolous people, I have full support of my well-wishers and family members. Because I am the sun I am the kind who will always shine for my existence and conscience.”


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