Shruti Haasan Dismisses Rumours About Her Health Issues; ‘I Am Doing Just Fine’

Shruti Haasan Dismisses Rumours About Her Health Issues 'I Am Doing Just Fine'

Shruti Haasan earlier gained attention when she opened up about her battle against PCOS and endometriosis. While the fans lauded her for braving the challenges, she recently reflected on how she is still fine as PCOS is something that a lot of women suffer from. Sharing a video of the actor, Vamsi Kaka revealed how the actor dismissed all the baseless rumours about her health issues. 

Shruti Haasan dismisses baseless rumours about her health issues

Vamsi Kaka recently took to his official Twitter handle and shared a video statement of Shruti Haasan in which she revealed how she was working non-stop while having a good time. She then addressed the rumours about her health issues and workout routine floating on the internet and stated that although it was challenging, it did not mean that she was unwell or in a critical condition of any kind. Stating further, she mentioned how a couple of media outlets blew it way out of proportion without reading the actual post she shared on social media. She then revealed that she has had PCOS for years and is just doing perfectly fine while thanking everyone for their concern. 

She said, “Hi to everyone from gorgeous Hyderabad, where I am working non-stop and having the best time. Just wanted to clarify that I had put up a post a couple of days ago about my workout routine and having PCOS, which a lot of women have. Yes, it is challenging, but no, it does not mean I am unwell or in critical condition of any kind and I have realized that some media outlets have blown it way out of proportion without reading the actual post, which is supposed to be positive. I also got calls today asking if I am admitted to the hospital, which I am clearly not. I am doing perfectly fine. I have had PCOS for years and I have been doing just fine. So, thank you for your concern.”

The actor earlier dropped a video of her working out as she spoke about dealing with the challenges in a positive way. Shruti iterated that she doesn’t look at it as a ‘fight’ but rather a ‘natural movement’ her body goes through. In the caption, she mentioned, “Work out with me. I’ve been Facing some of the worst hormonal issues with my PCOS and endometriosis – women know it’s a tough fight with the imbalance and bloating and metabolic challenges – but instead of looking at it as a fight I choose to accept it as a natural movement that my body goes through to do it’s best and I say Thankyou by eating right sleeping well and enjoying my work out…” (sic) 


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