Shopkeeper Charging Above MRP? Here’s How To File Complaints Via SMS, Umang App, And Other Online Platforms

Shopkeeper Charging Above MRP Here's How To File Complaints Via SMS, Umang App, And Other Online Platforms

In India, charging more than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is regarded as unlawful and a legal offence. The Legal Metrology Act of 2009 states that the MRP marked on a product represents the highest price a customer may be required to pay.

What is the MRP, or maximum retail price?

In order to charge a consumer the highest possible price for a good or service, the Maximum Retail Price, or MRP, must be met. The cost of production, transportation, and any other expenses incurred by the manufacturer or seller are all factored into the MRP calculation.

For clarity, the MRP is typically printed on the product’s packaging.

Steps on what to do if a shopkeeper charges more than the MRP:

You can file a complaint with the state’s Legal Metrology Department if, as a customer, you find that the shopkeeper is charging more than the MRP.

Customers can also make a complaint with the Consumer Forum in their particular district or call the National Consumer Hotline at 1800-11-4000 or 1915.

A customer may also file a complaint via the NCH App or Umang App, or by sending an SMS to the number 8800001915.

Moreover, customers can register at to submit a complaint online. To file a complaint in this case, a one-time registration is required. A pre-litigation stage step is the National Consumer Helpline.

If your complaint is still unresolved after all this, you can contact the appropriate consumer commission, such as the State Commission, District Commission, or NCDRC website.

After an investigation, if a breach is discovered, the shopkeeper may be penalised or punished appropriately. The customer is then entitled to receive reimbursement for the amount that was overcharged.


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