Reschedule Your Train Journey Without Paying Cancellation Fees; Here’s How

Reschedule Your Train Journey Without Paying Cancellation Fees; Here's How

There are instances when travellers discover that despite buying a train ticket on a specific day, they are unable to use it due to an unexpected circumstance. If you have to cancel your train ticket, you will lose money since the railroad will charge you a cancellation fee. However, you might be able to avoid paying a cancellation penalty if you think you can move your trip to an earlier or later date.

A train ticket’s expiration date may be “preponed” or advanced in accordance with the rules of the rail company. You must present your ticket at the reservation desk 48 hours before to the train’s departure. At this point, you must also request a different date. This window is also ideal for doing a class upgrade.

The date and class are changed after an application is received. The event date can be changed without paying any expenses. You are required to pay the price difference if the upgrade is to a higher fare class.

If necessary, you may choose a different departure station for your train. You must submit a request to the Chief Reservation Supervisor or the on-duty Reservation Supervisor before the first train chart is prepared. You can do this at the PRC during business hours.

The IRCTC phone number and website can also be used for this. This service is available for both phone and online train reservations.

While you’re on the train, you have the option of extending your journey. You should discuss this with the people working at the ticket counter. You can do this either before or after the train enters the station where you intend to leave from. TTE shall be liable to cover any expenses incurred as a result of the extended journey. Similar to this, if you contact TTE, we can assist you in switch courses even while you are travelling.


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