Rakhi Sawant showed a glimpse of her new shining BMW car, who gifted it?

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant has shown the fans a glimpse of her new BMW car. She told that she got this car as a gift. A video has surfaced, in which Rakhi is seen posing with her new car.

New Delhi: Drama queen Rakhi Sawant has given a glimpse of her sparkling new car. She has shared a video on social media, in which she is seen with her new BMW car. This video of Rakhi Sawant is becoming increasingly viral on the internet.

Fans got a glimpse of the car

Rakhi Sawant has posted a video on Instagram account in which she is showing a glimpse of her new BMW X1 car. She looks quite happy. There are some other people with whom she is celebrating by cutting the cake. Rakhi told that she got this car as a gift.

Did you get the car as a gift?

Posting the video, the actress wrote in the caption, ‘My ‘love’ has gifted me my new car. However, it is not confirmed who gifted her this car. Fans are also asking in the comment section who has given them this car. Rakhi Sawant is being praised a lot in the comment section. Fans are congratulating and wishing her good luck for the new car.

Was seen in the mercedes showroom

It is known that before separating from husband Ritesh, Rakhi Sawant was seen in the showroom of Mercedes, where she had reached to see the car. Riteish was also present along with Rakhi in the show room. Rakhi had told in gestures that she is going to get a very expensive gift on Valentine’s Day. However, nothing of the sort happened.

Rakhi separated from husband Ritesh

Let us inform that recently Rakhi Sawant has separated from husband Ritesh, which she announced through a post on social media. A few days ago, Rakhi Sawant revealed the reason for separating from Ritesh during an interview.

Who ended the relationship?

Rakhi (Rakhi Sawant) said during an interview with E-Times- ‘Not me, but Ritesh has ended the relationship with me. She woke up in the morning and started packing her bags and said that she cannot stay with me, as She is having some legal issues with her ex-wife Snigdha Priya.


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