Railway News Update: Exciting Announcement! The railway system has introduced a novel service allowing passengers to savor hot meals on board. To avail this convenient amenity, place your order promptly using the following method.

Train Food Ordering Made Easy via WhatsApp: IRCTC’s Latest Service

In a bid to enhance passenger experience, IRCTC has introduced a hassle-free food ordering service for train travelers. If you find yourself on a train journey and prefer not to rely on train food, you can now conveniently place your food orders using RailMitra’s WhatsApp service.

Here’s how you can order:

  1. Save the Number: Add RailMitra’s WhatsApp number, 8102888222, to your contact list.
  2. Initiate the Order: Send a simple greeting message like HI or HELLO on WhatsApp. You will promptly receive a reply.
  3. Share PNR Number: Upon receiving the reply, you’ll be prompted to share your 10-digit PNR number.
  4. Access the Menu: The Railways will then send you the food menu. Browse through the options and select your preferred dishes.
  5. Place Your Order: After making your selection, you can opt for cash on delivery or make an online payment. If you choose the latter, your chosen food items will be delivered to your seat shortly.

This user-friendly system ensures that passengers have access to a variety of food choices and a seamless ordering process during their train journey.

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