Radhika Apte Controversy: Nude clip of the actress was leaked, was ashamed to even leave the house


Radhika Apte is considered to be a talented actress in the Bollywood world. The actress does not like to do any kind of injustice with her role. Whatever be the demand of the role in the film, but the actress never fails to give her best. But in this affair he also had to face a controversy.

Radhika is a talented actress

Radhika Apte has so far shown her acting skills in many films and web series – like ‘Lust Stories’, ‘Ghoul’, ‘Parched’, ‘Andhadhun’, ‘Sacred Games’ etc. In all these films and web series, Radhika has shown her talent and has also shown a bold style on the demand of the script. But once in this affair, her nude video became viral, after which she was also trolled a lot.

Nude scene leaked from movie

Radhika Apte spoke openly about this in an interview. Talking to a magazine, he told that this video was during the shooting of my film ‘Clean Shave’. At that time I was busy shooting for the film when I came to know about this video. But as soon as I came to know about this, I could not control myself. This incident had left a deep impact on me.

Radhika was locked in the house for four days

Radhika Apte further said that I did not mind the trolling of the media earlier, but when the driver of my driver, watchman and stylist recognized me in the pictures. So I started feeling ashamed and because of this I stopped leaving the house. I locked myself in the house for four days and then later I felt it was a waste of time and there is nothing you can do for it.

Is Radhika married?

Keeping his point forward, he further said that those who would be intelligent people could have guessed by seeing my controversial photos that he is not me. At the same time, when I gave a nude scene for the film Parched, I realized that now there is nothing left to hide. Let us tell you that Radhika is married. She was married to Benedict taylor, a famous musician in London.


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