Passengers Will No Longer Be Required to Remove Electronics and Wires During Airport Security

Gadgets, Wires Will No Longer Need To Be Removed By Passengers During Airport Security

For gadget lovers in particular, having to remove a bunch of wires and gadgets for airport security checks is a hassle. Moreover, while picking up items from a different tray, people frequently miss small wires, but this is no longer the case. BCAS, an organisation that monitors aviation security, has advised installing computer tomography-based scanners at airports so that travellers won’t have to remove their electronic gadgets from their hand luggage before passing through the scanner.

At the moment, hand luggage items can only be seen in two dimensions by airport scanners.

In order to provide a three-dimensional view of the items in hand luggage, the regulator has suggested putting scanners based on computer tomography technology at airports, according to Jaideep Prasad, Joint Director General of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS).

“With such scanners, passengers will not be required to take out their electronic devices from hand baggage before going through the scanner,” he told PTI.

Advantages Of Three-Dimentional View Scanner

The use of such scanners is also expected to speed up airport security checkpoints. Recent weeks have seen complaints about heavy traffic and lengthy wait times at numerous airports, particularly the one serving the national capital. The congestion has reduced as a result of the steps implemented by the authorities.

The Civil Aviation Ministry reports that Dual Generator X-BIS devices and Computer Tomography Explosive Detection Systems (CT-EDS) devices have been installed or are being considered for installation at major airports.


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