Palak Tiwari is dating Saif’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan? The truth told to hide face

Palak Tiwari is dating Saif’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan The truth told to hide face

Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak Tiwari has broken her silence on the news of her being in a relationship with Ibrahim Ali Khan. Palak said that she and Ibrahim are just good friends and sometimes talk.

Shweta Tiwari’s beloved daughter Palak Tiwari has become a big name in the entertainment industry in a very short time. Palak’s glamorous and sizzling looks dominate social media. Along with her acting debut, Palak has also made a lot of headlines for her affair with Saif Ali Khan’s son Ibrahim Khan.

Palak told the truth of relationship with Ibrahim

Actually, some time ago a video of Palak Tiwari went viral on the social media platform, in which she was seen sitting in the car with Ibrahim Ali Khan and was seen hiding her face after seeing the paparazzi. After the video went viral, the news of both of them being in a relationship had caught fire. Now Palak has told what is the relationship between Ibrahim and them and what kind of bond they share with each other.

In a conversation with Siddharth Kanan, Palak told that both of them are only friends. Palak said – this is just friendship. People were speculating like this, so I did not react to them. We just went out for an outing and the paparazzi captured us in the cameras. That’s where it ended.

alak further said- There were many other people with both of us. We weren’t the only ones there. But it was shown as such. It was a narrative made by the people, which they like very much.

Why did Palak hide her face after seeing the paparazzi?

When Palak was asked why she was hiding her face after seeing the paparazzi? To this Palak replied that she was hiding her face only because of her mother Shweta Tiwari, because she lied to her about her location.

Palak said- My mom keeps tracking my location with paparazzi’s pictures. That night, an hour ago, I told her that I had left for home. I was in Bandra. I said that mommy, there is a lot of traffic here. I am on the way and she was ok and then those photos came out.

Palak said- As soon as the paparazzi appeared there, I thought that now my mom will see me and then she sent me that photo and said you are a liar.

Is Palak Single?

Palak said that she hid her face only because of her mother Shweta Tiwari and not from anyone. At the same time, about Ibrahim, Palak said – we are good friends. He is very sweet boy. We talk to each other sometimes that’s all. Palak said that she is single.


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