Nia Sharma shared exercise video, doing this work to maintain the figure


New Delhi: Apart from dressing sense, Nia Sharma is also known for her perfect figure. But to maintain this figure, Nia works very hard in the gym. Its video has been shared by the actress herself on social media. In this video, Nia was sometimes seen exercising on her head in the gym and sometimes she was seen doing exercises by raising her legs.

Doing dangerous exercises

Nia has shared the video of this exercise on her official Instagram account. In this video, Nia was seen doing more than one tough exercise.

Head workout

In this video, Nia is trying to raise her legs by resting her head on the ground. Nia also succeeds in this endeavor and tries to remain in this situation for a long time. After watching this video of the actress, it is imperative to say that Nia exercises fiercely in the gym to keep her figure perfect.

Wrote this caption

Sharing this video, Nia wrote in the caption- ‘All I want to say is that I have started now. Trying to reach ultra pro level. But there is death in the middle.

Killer pose in high slit dress

Wearing this, Nia shared pictures in a black color gown on social media. In these pictures, Nia (Nia Sharma) was seen in black color Thai high slit dress. Nia gave such hot poses in front of the camera, seeing that the heartbeat of the fans increased faster.

Photoshoot done in washroom

Nia got this photoshoot done in the washroom. In the picture, the open hair and subtle makeup of the actress added to her bo*ld look.


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