Neha Malik got trolled for getting the photoshoot done by opening the button of the pants, the user said – ‘Is it necessary to do this?’

Neha Malik got trolled for getting the photoshoot done by opening the button of the pants

Neha Malik latest photos: Bhojpuri music video ‘Tere Mere Darmiyaan’ fame actress Neha Malik is often in the headlines for her bo*ld photos. Sometimes she also has to face trolls on social media due to her bo*ldness. In such a situation, this time she has posed by opening the button of the pants.

Neha Malik has shared her latest photoshoot on Instagram, in which it is being seen that in many pictures she has opened the buttons of her pants and is seen showing ravishing looks.While Neha Malik’s fans are liking her looks, some trolls did not like the actress posing with the button of her pants open. In this, she has made many comments and asked her many questions.

One user wrote, ‘Why should you stand in the garden with your pants open’. Another wrote, ‘Was it necessary to open the button of the pants?’. Along with this, a furious user wrote, ‘Open your pants and show them completely’.Apart from this, another user also wrote on Neha’s photo while scolding, ‘It would be better to take off these jeans completely. Showing a blank glimpse in the photo will not bring likes. At the same time, another user also advised her to close the button of the pants of the jeans. Similarly, you will get to see the tremendous reaction of people on Neha’s photos.

Apart from this, Neha Malik’s favorite is liking her photos a lot and praising her fiercely. If we talk about the look of the actress in the photos, then she is wearing a sports bra with blue jeans and is seen showing ravishing looks with open hair.This is not the first time that Neha has shared a bo*ld picture of herself and she has come under the target of trolls. Even before this, she has been seen in bi*ki*ni in photos shared from Maldives. Not only this, she has to be trolled for posing by opening the zip of the pants.

Even after sharing photos of Neha Malika in bi*ki*ni, social media users trolled fiercely. However, the actress shared more pictures ignoring everyone’s bad things and now by opening the button of the pants, she has increased the heartbeat of the fans by posing.


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