National Pension Scheme: Get a Pension Of 50 Thousand By Investing a Small Amount, Check Complete Details


Pension Plan: If you invest in this government scheme, you can get up to Rs 50,000 on retirement.

NPS: Everyone wants to earn big money after retirement. For this reason, there are many schemes, which are run by the government, banks and institutions. One such scheme is the National Pension System. By investing in it, you can eliminate the tension of old age. This scheme can give regular income. This is a pension scheme, which gives benefits after 60 years.

This scheme introduced by the government is the favorite pension scheme of the people, because a good pension can be obtained by investing less amount in it. If an investor invests 6 thousand rupees every month in this, then he is given a pension of 50 thousand rupees after retirement. Depositing 6 thousand rupees every month means you can deposit money in this scheme by saving 200 rupees every day.

Income tax exemption
Those investing under this scheme are given tax exemption under section 80C of the Income Tax Department. In this, a rebate of up to Rs 1.50 lakh can be claimed annually. Apart from this, 50 thousand tax exemption can also be claimed under 80 CCD.

Two way investment option
There are two types of account options in this scheme. Individual investment can be made under Tier 1 and it is not linked to the stock market. For this reason, tax is deducted in it. At the same time, under Tier 2, at least Rs 500 can be deposited and after retirement, 60 percent can be withdrawn, the rest of the money can be bought for annuity. Pension amount is given only on the amount of annuity purchase. Tier 2 account does not come under tax exemption.

How to get 50 thousand pension
Suppose if you are saving 200 rupees every day then it will be 6000 rupees in a month. If investment is started at the age of 24, then the amount deposited for 36 years will be Rs 25,92,000. Now assuming 10% return on this, the total corpus value will be Rs 2,54,50,906. After this, 40 percent of it is invested in annuity and assuming 10 percent return, then the amount will be around 1.52 crores. In such a situation, an amount of 50 thousand will be given every month for pension.


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