Low Credit Score? Here Are 5 Ways TO Boost Your CIBIL Score!

Low Credit Score? Here Are 5 Ways TO Boost Your CIBIL Score!

India’s first credit bureau or credit information organisation, Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd (CIBIL), has, since 2001, sought to increase the efficiency and transparency of the credit industry. CIBIL continues to be the most known credit information company despite the Reserve Bank of India issuing licences to three other organisations, namely Highmark, Experian, and Equifax in 2010.

The CIBIL score, often referred to as the credit score, is a numerical representation that is based on the examination of a person’s credit reports. The three-digit number, which ranges from 300 to 900, represents a person’s credit history. The credit report, which includes the credit history, is the foundation upon which the score is determined.

It represents someone’s creditworthiness and is largely based on information from credit reports, which are routinely accessed from credit bureaus like CIBIL.

The scores are offered by banks and companies that issue credit cards or loans in order to evaluate the potential risk of doing so and to devise strategies for avoiding losses brought on by bad debt.

A CIBIL score ranges from 300 to 900, with 300 signifying a subpar result and 900 being the highest number that can be achieved. Your CIBIL score should be closer to 900 if you want the greatest loan interest rate options. A CIBIL score of 750 or higher is regarded as ideal by the majority of lenders, including banks and non-banking credit organisations.

Here are a few tips to build up your CIBIL score:

Avoid making late payments

If you have been postponing payments on any debts, you should make it a point to start paying them on time. Delaying any loan or credit card EMI instalment harms your CIBIL score, thus you should avoid doing so.

Don’t constantly apply for credit if rejected

Your credit report will contain information on any loan or credit card applications you have made and were denied. If you apply right away to a different bank, they can reject your application after noticing your low CIBIL score and the previous denial.

Maintain your credit utilisation ratio

By spreading out the cost of spending over numerous different credit products, a borrower should keep their credit usage rate under 30% of their total credit limit. Reducing your credit use ratio will help you and improve your financial security because your credit score will rise and be maintained.

Do not exhaust your available credit limit

Avoid going above your credit limit because doing so will increase your credit use ratio and reduce your CIBIL score. One could attempt asking the bank to increase the credit limit if spending consistently exceeds the limitations.

Limit your borrowing to a bare minimum

Your credit score is likely to suffer if you submit too many loan applications or consistently use your credit card close to its limit since these actions show that you are looking for ways to boost your credit score. The best course of action is to avoid borrowing money unless it is required and to avoid exceeding your credit card constraints.


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