Lost Your PAN Card? Here’s How To Reapply Online

Lost Your PAN Card? Here's How To Reapply Online

A permanent account number is what the Indian Income Tax Organization refers to as a laminated “PAN card” with 10 alphanumeric characters (PAN). The most important piece of required documents for any financial transaction is this one. It contains the name, gender, birthdate, and PAN of the cardholder. Anyone who requests a number from the department without applying for one is given access to it.

If you’ve misplaced or lost your original PAN card, you can apply for a duplicate online or offline. You can also download an electronic PAN card, also known as an e-PAN card, using the IT department’s electronic filing portal. To reapply online for a PAN card, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Tax Information Network’s official website, TIN-NSDL
    2, Next, choose “Changes or correction in existing PAN data/Reprint of PAN card (No changes in existing PAN data)” as the application type.
  • Complete the required basic information and submit the form.
  • A token number will be sent to the applicant’s registered email address, which can be used later. Submit the application right now.
  • Fill out every field on the “Personal Details” page. There are three ways to submit a PAN application: physically handing over the proper documents, electronically submitting via e-KYC, and electronically signing.

Submitting documents in person: After the application fee has been paid, an acknowledgement form will be generated; this form must be printed and submitted along with any required, self-attested documents, including a driver’s licence, Aadhar card, voter ID, birth certificate, passport, matriculation certificate, etc. These must be sent to NSDL’s PAN Services Unit by registered mail, with the heading “Acknowledgement No.-xxxx – Application for Reprint of PAN or Application for changes or correction in PAN data” on the top of the envelope.

Digitally submitting documents: This service requires an Aadhaar. The Aadhaar-registered mobile number will receive an OTP to verify the provided information. Before sending the completed form, it must be electronically signed. You must upload scanned images of your passport photo, signature, and other relevant documents. Once the supporting papers have been uploaded, an OTP will be generated to authenticate the application form.

  • Either a physical PAN card or an electronic PAN card must be chosen. An active email address is required for e-PAN cards.
  • Finish the application by providing your contact and documentation details.
  • You’ll be taken to the payment page. A receipt of acknowledgement will be generated once the payment has been received. Between 15 to 20 working days, the PAN card will be issued.


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