LIC Jeevan Shanti: Here’s How To Receive A Monthly Pension Of Rs 1,00,000

LIC Jeevan Shanti Here's How To Receive A Monthly Pension Of Rs 1,00,000

A pension scheme called the LIC Jeevan Shanti Yojana guarantees investors high returns. Under this single premium plan, the policyholder has the option of choosing a Single Life or Joint Life Deferred Annuity.

If you put money into this reliable plan, you can retire with a decent pension. People make investments in numerous sectors to ensure a good retirement in the future. A scheme called LIC Jeevan Shanti has been introduced by the Life Insurance Company of India and is intended for people who want regular income on a monthly, semi-annual, yearly, or quarterly basis. A 1.5 lakh rupee minimum investment is needed to buy the policy.

You may be eligible for a monthly pension of even more than Rs 1 lakh under the Jeevan Shanti scheme. The Life Insurance Corporation of India’s annuity rates have just been updated by LIC. Policyholders will now get a bigger pension in exchange for their premiums.

Those who choose to retire early might still benefit from this plan’s advantages. Owners of insurance policies can achieve their goals with just one premium.

There is no upper limit on the investment. You are free to pay whatever amount you choose in accordance with your desired monthly revenue. According to the LIC calculator, you would need to pay a sizable pension if you wanted a substantial monthly pension.

And hence, you must invest Rs 1 crore for 12 years if you want a Rs 1 lakh per month pension. You would get paid Rs. 1.06 lakh per month after 12 years. After maturing your investment in just 10 years, you will receive a monthly pension of Rs 94,840.

You simply need to invest Rs. 50 lakh if you only require a Rs. 50,000 monthly pension. You might earn an income of Rs 53,460 per month if you invest for 12 years.


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