Lavish Love: UK Man’s Annual Rs 4 Lakh Feast for His Beloved Turkish Malakli Dog

Turkish Malakli is a breed of large livestock guardian dog, from the Aksaray Province in central Anatolia, part of Turkey.

Dogs are cherished companions, recognized for the provision of emotional well-being and the receipt of unconditional love. However, the ownership of certain breeds can result in a considerably costly endeavor, particularly when constant maintenance and specialized care are demanded. In this instance, Dylan Shaw, a dog trainer hailing from Redcar, Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, has found himself in this situation. His beloved canine companion, Abu, belongs to the Turkish Malakli breed, a large livestock guardian breed originating from the Aksaray Province in central Anatolia, Turkey.

In an interview with, it was revealed that staggering expenses are incurred in the care of Abu, with a substantial sum of Rs 1117 being spent daily on the dietary needs of the dog. This astounding amount results in an annual expenditure of Rs 4,06,300. What renders this investment particularly notable is the remarkable size of Abu, who measures an impressive 7 feet 2 inches when he raises himself onto his hind legs, with a weight that exceeds 18 stone. (In the UK, a stone is a unit of weight equivalent to 14 pounds.)

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