Jhanvi Kapoor Hot Pic: Wearing a low-cut dress, Jhanvi Kapoor flaunted toned legs, people got angry after seeing

Jhanvi Kapoor Hot Pic Wearing a low-cut dress, Jhanvi Kapoor flaunted toned legs, people got angry after seeing

Janhvi Kapoor has seen many changes in her styling sense ever since she stepped into Bollywood. However, it is a different matter that in the race to become stylish, Jhanvi’s bo*ld looks sometimes cause her trouble.

There is no doubt that these days Bollywood is dominated by star kids, who are giving tough competition to big beauties not only with their superb acting but also with their stylish looks. Janhvi Kapoor is also one of them, who remains in the discussion about her style statement more than her films. In one of her interviews, Jhanvi praised the beauty and style she got from her mother and said, ‘I consider my heritage my responsibility. This is also one of the reasons that now I have to work twice as hard in every field.

However, Jhanvi’s styling sense has seen many changes since she stepped into Bollywood. Initially, while some cultured trollers trolled Jhanvi for wearing microshorts, it seems that the actress has got used to all this. This is because at the awards function, a completely different image of Jhanvi is seen, which sometimes becomes the biggest reason for her to be upset. Although, we are not saying that Jhanvi lacks elegance and smartness in her looks but everyone was stunned when she was seen in the revealing look.

Jhanvi Kapoor’s style is just like that of a college going girl who is not only very bright-vibrant and young but perfect style inspiration can be taken from her. But when Janhvi was seen in bo*ld patterned skin show attire on the occasion of ‘Elle Beauty Awards 2019’ held in the year 2019, everyone lashed out at her.

Actually, for this star studded night, Janhvi wore a maxi dress designed by International Famous Fashion Designer Maria Lucia Hohan, which was a kind of flared and flared attire. The front portion of the outfit was in a bo*ld look, which people did not expect at all from Janhvi.

The outfit Jhanvi chose for herself was a body bandage dress with accordion pleats, creating a beautiful metallic hologram effect in itself. The pattern of the attire was shiny, designed in coral colour-combination. The outfit was made entirely of organza fluid fabric, which is a kind of lightweight fabric. The metallic neutral shade dress featured a plunging neckline, which added a slit pattern to add style quotient, highlighting the actress’s toned legs.

If you take a look at Jhanvi’s overall dress, you will see that the upper portion of the outfit was in a revealing look, which was highlighting the bust outline. The dress was accompanied by cutout sleeves, which added a tapered design in the center of the waist with matching fabric, which was very nicely accentuating the toned midriff of the actress.

The lower portion of the dress was in this slit pattern, which was creating a flowing look in itself. However, to add to the se*xiness and bo*ldness of the outfit, the floorsweeping style was designed, covering the entire length from the bust area to the ankle.

Skin show trolled

However, we have seen Jhanvi mostly donning ethnic style clothes in a modern avatar, due to which people did not expect such a bo*ld look from their favorite actress. Well, we are not saying that this monotone attire of Jhanvi was not right but it did not fit anything special on the bodytype of the actress.

While Jhanvi highlighted her cheeks with blush with soft nude makeup to complete her look, she left her hair open in a side parted style with a vermillion lip shade, which matches well with the outfit. was doing. Well, while some of Jhanvi’s fans were liking this look of her, many did not like her being bo*ld at all.

As soon as the pictures of Jhanvi Kapoor in this ethereal silhouette surfaced, the trollers got angry on her. While some people described Jhanvi’s dress as her worst choice, one wrote ‘What will be gained by wearing such revealing clothes’. One wrote ‘Chee… Vulgar.’ One user commented, ‘Trying to be Kylie’ One wrote ‘You are looking bad from head to toe’ One said ‘What is the need to wear 3 cm clothes’ One wrote ‘I did not expect such a thing from you.’

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