Indian Railways Ticket Concession News: Click Here To Know About The Discounts!

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Indian Railways is the largest rail network in the world. People equal to the total population of the world travel by Indian Railways throughout the year. Indian Railways also gives some special discounts to its passengers on booking tickets. People need to be aware of these rules. In order to prevent people from non-essential travel. In March 2020, the Railways had abolished the exemption given in all types of ticket categories. Before Corona, in the category of senior citizens, women used to get 50 percent discount and men got 40 percent discount. To take advantage of this, it was necessary to have a minimum age of 58 years for women and 60 years for men. But now farmers, Divyang, students, doctors, wives of martyrs and awardees get exemption from the Railways. Disabled people get relaxation in four categories, patients and students in 11 categories.

Who Gets How Much Discount Student Discount?

Indian Railways gives concession to the students only for sleeper class. The ticket fare refund is returned by IRCTC the next day. It is digitally transferred to the student’s bank account. This discount is not valid for e-tickets. General category students are given 50% concession in second class and sleeper class and 50% concession in MST (Monthly Seasonal Ticket) and QST (Quarterly Seasonal Ticket). SC and ST category students get 75 percent relaxation in second and SL class and 75 percent relaxation in MST and QST.

At the same time, 50 percent discount is given in the second class for the students appearing in the mains exam of UPSC and Central Staff Selection Commissions. And research scholars below 35 years of age who travel for research work get 50 percent discount on second and sleeper class tickets. 50% discount in second and sleeper class for foreign students studying in India traveling to attend government seminars. Along with this, foreign students get 50% discount in second and sleeper class even when traveling to historical places of India during holidays.

Discount For Patients With Critical illnesses

Indian Railways also gives discounts for pe

ople with serious diseases. Railways gives 75 percent discount on second sleeper, first class, third AC and AC chair car tickets to patients with thalassemia, heart and kidney diseases. Along with this, 50 percent ticket discount is available on First and Second AC tickets. This discount is also available to the person traveling with them.

Similarly, cancer patients are given 75 percent discount on second and first class tickets. On the other hand, the ticket is completely free on sleeper and third AC. Cancer patients are given 50 percent discount on first and second ac tickets. This discount is also available to one person accompanying you.

Indian Railways also gives 50% discount on second class tickets to AIDS patients. Along with this, TB and leprosy victims are also given 75% discount on second sleeper and first class tickets. This discount is also available to one person traveling together.


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