Indian Railways Rules: Now You Can travel by Train Without Ticket Under This New Rule


Platform Ticket Rules: If you are also returning after the festival and you are not getting a ticket in the train, then definitely read this news. Now you can travel in train without ticket. Let us know about this facility of railways.

Indian Railways Rules: You too are about to travel by train and you are not getting the ticket? Now you don’t need to worry. If you ever have to travel suddenly and you do not have a ticket, now you can travel without reservation rules. Earlier in such a situation, there was only option of Tatkal Ticket Booking Rules. But to get the ticket in that too, it is not necessary. In such a situation, it is very important for you to know a special rule of railways. Now you can travel without reservation under this facility.

travel on platform ticket

According to the railway rules, if you do not have a reservation and you have to go somewhere by train, then you can board the train only by taking platform ticket. You can get tickets made very easily by going to the ticket checker. This rule (Indian Railways Rules) has been made by the Railways itself. For this, you will have to contact TTE immediately by taking a platform ticket. Then TTE will create a ticket till your destination point. Not only this, you can also make card payment to TTE.

There is an option even if the seat is not vacant

If the seat is not vacant in the train, TTE can refuse to give you a reserve seat. But, can’t stop traveling. If you do not have a reservation, in such a situation, along with a penalty charge of Rs 250 from the passenger, you should get the ticket made by paying the total fare of the journey. These important rules of railways that you must know.

Platform ticket price

The Platform Ticket entitles the passenger to board the train. With this, the passenger will have to pay the fare from the same station from where he has taken the platform ticket. While charging the fare, the departure station will also be considered as the same station. And the biggest thing is that you will also have to pay the fare of the same class in which you will be traveling.

your seat

If your train is missed due to any reason then TTE cannot allot your seat to anyone till the next two stations. That is, at the next two stations, you can complete your journey by reaching before the train. But keep in mind, after two stations, TTE can allot a seat to a passenger with RAC ticket. But you have the option of two stations.


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