India issued a warning to Pakistan after it mentioned Kashmir in the context of the Israel-Gaza conflict, stating that such comments would be met with contempt.

The reference to Kashmir was made by Pakistan’s UN envoy during the Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East.

India has said it will treat a reference by Pakistan to Kashmir during a Security Council meeting on the Israel-Gaza situation with the contempt it deserves and will not dignify it with a response.

“Before I end, there was a remark of habitual nature by one delegation referring to Union Territories that are integral and inalienable parts of my country,” Ravindra said.

“I would treat these remarks with contempt they deserve and not dignify them with a response in the interest of time,” Ravindra said.

The statement by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasizes that all acts of terrorism are considered unlawful and unjustifiable, regardless of the organization responsible.

“We must affirm the right of any nation to defend itself and to prevent such horror from repeating itself. No member of this Council, no nation in this entire body could or would tolerate the slaughter of its people,” Blinken said.

“As this Council and the UN General Assembly have repeatedly affirmed, all acts of terrorism are unlawful and unjustifiable. They’re unlawful and unjustifiable, whether they target people in Nairobi or Bali… Istanbul or Mumbai, in New York or Kibbutz Be’eri,” Blinken told the UN Security Council.

“They are unlawful and unjustifiable whether they’re carried out by ISIS, by Boko Haram, by Al Shabaab, by Lashkar-e-Taiba or by Hamas. They are unlawful and unjustifiable whether victims are targeted for their faith, their ethnicity, their nationality or any other reason,” Blinken said.

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