Income Tax Return: TDS deducted more than taxable salary, know how to claim for refund of funds

Income Tax Return

Income Tax Return: If TDS has been deducted more than your taxable salary, then you can get refund by filing ITR. Usually it can sometimes take 3 to 6 months for the refund to come

Income Tax Return: Many people keep complaining that their salary is less than the tax. Still his TDS has been deducted. Sometimes some people also say that TDS has been deducted more than their taxable salary. In this case you don’t need to panic. You can withdraw the excess deposited amount. Here we will tell you how to withdraw money. Its method is very easy.

Know how to get TDS deducted back

If TDS has been deducted more from your salary, then it can be withdrawn in two ways. First, mention this in your income tax return. After this the Income Tax Department will check it and refund your excess deposit. On the other hand, under the second method, you will have to fill Form 15G to withdraw TDS. Form 15G has to be filled and submitted to the bank. In this way your deducted TDS will come back to your account.

How to Check Refund Status

For TDS refund to come quickly, it is important that you file your ITR on time. The sooner you file the return. As soon as the refund process will start. To check Income Tax Refund Status, first you have to visit the official website After that enter your User ID and Password. In the page that will open, you will see the option of e-filing. In this select Income Tax Return. After this you click on View File Returns. Your latest ITR details will be displayed on the computer screen.


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