Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu Miss Universe 2022 has gained weight in 3 months due to celiac disease.

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu Miss Universe 2022 has gained weight in 3 months due to celiac disease.

New Delhi: When 21-year-old Harnaaz Sandhu got the title of Miss Universe for the country, the happiness of the countrymen knew no bounds. Got another star for people to like. But since the past days, Harnaaz is being trolled a lot on social media and the reason behind this is her weight gain. Now Harnaaz himself has clarified on his increased weight.

Harnaaz turned troll

After a long wait of 21 years, India’s daughter Harnaaz Sandhu won the title of Miss Universe. Chandigarh’s Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu with Beauty with Brain won the Miss Universe 2021 crown, after which this beautiful girl of India started having discussions all over the world. After winning the title, Harnaaz has recently returned to India, after which she is participating in different events, fashion shows, programs. On March 26, Harnaaz walked the ramp as a part of Lakme Fashion Show Week. As soon as she stepped on the ramp, discussions about her weight started getting louder. People are surprised to see the latest pictures and videos of Harnaaz, who became showstopper of fashion designer Shivaan and Naresh, she is facing body shaming.

Harnaaz getting victim of body shaming

When you see the latest pictures and videos of Harnaaz Sandhu with old pictures or pictures from the time of Miss Universe pageant, you can easily guess that she has gained a lot of weight only after 3 months of winning the title. People are surprised that Miss Universe, who is such a fitness freak and dedicated, has gained so much weight in such a short span of time. Both his body and face are looking chubby, due to which many people are trolling him.

Harnaaz is sick

Harnaaz Sandhu himself has given the reason for this transformation, stating the reason for the increase in weight, after which the trollers’ mouths have been locked. Expressing displeasure over body shaming, in his latest interview, Harnaaz said that I do not mind people’s negative comments or trolling. She said that I respect my body. I do not mind trolling, he said that people do not know that I am allergic to gluten. Due to this gluten allergy, he has gained a lot of weight. His face has also become very fat. Perhaps Harnaaz is also troubled by weight gain due to this allergy.

do not digest gluten

The way Harnaaz told about his problem, it is clear that he has a problem with Ceilac. There is a type of gluten allergy in this disease, which is an intestinal disease. Due to this disease, the digestion of gluten is not possible in the body, due to which weight gain starts. People suffering from this disease have trouble absorbing food, vitamins, minerals, due to which they start accumulating as fat in the layer below the skin in the body and the body swells.


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