Google’s Big Move: Millions of Gmail Accounts to be Deleted Next Month!

The policy only applies to personal Google accounts that haven’t opened their Gmail account in two years.

For Gmail users who’ve been inactive, a critical announcement from Google: In December 2023, millions of Gmail accounts are on the chopping block! If you’ve left your account dormant for a minimum of two years, you could lose access.

?️ When: Starting December 2023

? Why: Google’s inactivity policy update

? Impact: Deactivation of accounts inactive for 2+ years

According to Google’s Vice President of Product Management, Ruth Kricheli, forgotten or neglected accounts pose security risks. Old passwords, lack of two-factor authentication, and reduced security checks make them vulnerable. Brace yourself for this significant shift in Google’s approach to inactive accounts!

If you have an active subscription linked to your Google Account, such as Google One, a news publication, or an app, Google will take into account this ongoing account activity, and your account will remain unaffected. Furthermore, Google has no current intentions to delete accounts associated with YouTube videos.

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