Follow These Steps To Safely Store Aadhaar, PAN, & DL On Your Smartphone

Follow These Steps To Safely Store Aadhaar, PAN, & DL On Your Smartphone

In her 2023 budget plan, Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recommended Digilocker. It’s important that you use this application. This is due to the fact that if you download this application, you won’t need to keep a physical copy of your important documents. Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, driver’s licences, and other documents can all be downloaded to mobile devices. Nobody can question its authenticity, and these documents are accepted without question. Additionally password protected online, this app is completely secure. PAN, an Aadhaar card, and a driver’s licence are all vulnerable to being lost, damaged, or destroyed by nature. Therefore, it is quite useful. What you need to do to protect these documents is listed below.

How do I make an account on Digilocker?

Visit the Digilocker website, then select the signup option. Enter the number on your phone. Create an account and set a password. For this, your phone number needs to be connected to your Aadhaar.

How can an Aadhaar card be saved on Digilocker? Select the Aadhaar link option. Your Aadhaar number must be entered. The phone number associated with your Aadhaar will receive an OTP. You can now access and download your account’s digital copy.

How to link your PAN card and driver’s licence to Digilocker. To do this, select the option for uploading the necessary documents. Your documents can be taken and uploaded immediately. Your birth certificate can be uploaded to Digilocker as well. Using the same procedure, you can also add a passport and a mark sheet. You must, however, bring your actual passport with you when you travel abroad.

Users of Digilocker can share documents with government organisations. Click the saved document to do this. Enter the phone number or email address where you wish your document to be sent. Select the send button.


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