Eye Injury from Diwali Firecrackers? Follow These Steps for Immediate Relief and Care

Given the potential for severe and long-lasting consequences, treating eye injuries with the utmost seriousness and taking swift action is of paramount importance. However, the best course of action is to prioritize safety and proactively prevent such accidents during Diwali celebrations.

Diwali 2023: Diwali is a time of joy and celebration across the country. One of the cherished traditions during this festival is lighting fireworks. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and safeguard our eyes while enjoying these festivities. Eye injuries can unfortunately be a common occurrence and catch you by surprise.

In case of a fireworks-related eye injury, Dr. Rishi Raj Borah, Country Director of Orbis in India, offers valuable advice on how to respond:

Prevention is Key: Take proactive measures such as choosing eco-friendly fireworks, using protective eyewear, maintaining a safe distance, and closely supervising children to minimize the risk of eye injuries.

Immediate Actions in Case of an Accident:

  1. Stay Calm: Maintain composure and avoid panicking, as it can worsen the situation. Take a deep breath and stay calm.
  2. Do Not Rub Your Eye: Resist the urge to touch or rub the injured eye, as this may aggravate the condition.
  3. Gently Rinse Your Eye: If you notice visible foreign particles or debris in the eye, gently rinse it with clean water or a sterile saline solution, if available. Avoid tap water, as it may contain impurities that could further irritate the eye.
  4. Cover the Injured Eye: Protect the injured eye by covering it with a clean, sterile gauze or soft cotton cloth to prevent further contamination and minimize eye movement.
  5. Seek Immediate Medical Attention: Do not delay seeking professional medical help, as even seemingly minor injuries can impact vision if left untreated. Contact an eye specialist or visit the nearest hospital’s emergency department for a thorough examination and proper treatment.

What Not to Do:

  1. Never Ignore the Injury: Regardless of the perceived severity, never dismiss an eye injury as minor. Timely medical attention is crucial to prevent potential complications and preserve vision.
  2. Avoid Self-Medication: Do not use over-the-counter eye drops or apply ointments without professional guidance, as they can sometimes worsen the condition.
  3. Do Not Attempt to Remove Embedded Objects: If there is an object embedded in the eye, refrain from trying to remove it yourself, as this could cause further harm. Instead, keep the eye stable and seek immediate medical assistance.

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