Exciting News for iPhone Users: WhatsApp Introduces 31-Person Group Calls!

For iOS Users: Get in on the Action – Enable this Feature by Updating Your WhatsApp App from the App Store. Please note that the rollout may occur gradually across different accounts in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp Upgrades Group Calls for iOS: Connect with 31 Participants! WhatsApp, the renowned messaging app owned by Meta, has unleashed a new feature that permits group calls with up to 31 participants. This enhancement is currently being deployed extensively to iOS users, facilitating more extensive connections with friends and colleagues. The latest update (version 23.21.72) on the App Store introduces this enhanced calling feature to your WhatsApp experience.

Before this update, WhatsApp group calls support up to 32 participants, but you could only initially add 15 contacts when starting a group call. With the latest changes, you can now kick off a group call with the full 32-participant capacity right from the start.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the ‘CALLS’ tab.
  2. Select ‘New call’ and then ‘New group call.’
  3. Choose the contacts you want to include and tap ‘Voice call.’

This update simplifies and enhances the calling experience, enabling you to seamlessly connect with more people. To enjoy this feature, make sure your WhatsApp app is up to date. Additionally, WhatsApp is also actively developing a new AI-powered feature for responding to support queries.

AI-Enhanced Support: WhatsApp is working on AI-powered messages for more relevant and efficient responses to user queries, using Meta’s secure AI service. This development aims to enhance user interactions, decrease response times, and provide a more streamlined support experience for WhatsApp users and customer service.

For iPhone users, relish the upgraded group calling feature, and stay tuned for the forthcoming AI-driven support feature, promising a more efficient and user-friendly experience!

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