Don’t Miss Out! Last Chance To Avoid Penalty: Link Your LIC and PAN Today – Easy Guide

Don't Miss Out! Last Chance To Avoid Penalty: Link Your LIC and PAN Today - Easy Guide

The Life Insurance Corporation of India has warned its policyholders that they face legal action if they don’t link their PAN cards with their accounts. The Income Tax department has set a deadline of March 31, 2023 for connecting PAN cards with Aadhaar cards. The due date for linking LIC insurance to PAN cards is the same. This is due to SEBI’s request that all investors link their PAN and Aadhaar. If they don’t, their PAN cards will be deactivated, which would cost them dearly. The LIC policy is the same way. They may be suspended if they are not associated with PAN.

Here’s how to add your LIC policy using PAN. First, fill out your PAN details on the LIC website. Your phone number should be entered. Enter the OTP that you were given on the website.

When your registration request is approved, you’ll get a message. You’ll get a notice stating that your policy has been linked to the LIC policy news.

Log on to to find out the status of your LIC insurance. Become a member of the website. Enter your policy number and birthdate. You can now see the current status of your LIC policy. Additionally, you can phone 022 6827 6827.

Sending SMS messages from your mobile device is another way to find out the status of the insurance. You must send an SMS to 56677 in order to do this. Send an SMS with the text ASKLIC PREMIUM to 56677 to enquire about the policy’s premium. If the insurance has expired, enter ASKLIC REVIVAL in the subject line of this SMS.


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