Cheers to Sobriety: Liquor Sale Banned Until November 17th! Discover the Shocking Reason Behind the Booze Blockade!

Madhya Pradesh Election Alert: Liquor Lockdown! Dry Day Declared from 6 PM Today until November 17th and December 3rd due to Assembly Elections. Strict Measures in Place: No Sale of Liquor During Voting and Counting Period.

To ensure a smooth and disciplined election process in Madhya Pradesh, the Election Commission of India has mandated a dry day 48 hours prior to the assembly election, starting from 6 PM today until the conclusion of voting on November 17th. Additionally, a dry day will be observed on December 3rd, the day of vote counting.

The Collector and District Election Officer, Dr. Ilaiyaraaja T, issued orders in compliance with the Election Commission’s directives. The ban encompasses all domestic and foreign liquor outlets, including FL 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 A, and 10 B, B.-3, FL-9 A, FLAPCs, and liquor warehouses in Indore district.

Violation of this order, which prohibits the sale or service of liquor in shops, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and other establishments during this period, will result in immediate and strict action against offenders. The dry day is a crucial step to maintain law and order during the electoral process.

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