Check PF Balance: Umang App & EPFO Website

EPFO balance check

Check your EPF Balance: If you are an EPFO ​​member, keep the registered mobile number updated. Apart from this, Aadhaar seeding is also necessary. PF balance can be easily checked with the help of registered number. Know what are the four easy ways to check provident fund balance.

Check your EPF Balance: If you have a job, a portion of your salary is deposited into the Provident Fund each month. It amounts to 12% of the base salary. Your employer likewise deducts the same amount. However, 8.33% of this is put into the Employee Pension Scheme, or EPS, and the remaining 3.67% goes into the Employee Pension Fund, or EPF. An individual can quickly check the balance of his account if he knows his UAN, or universal account number. To do this, one must sign in to the EPFO’s official website. For your information, we would like to let you know that the provident fund is currently earning 8.1 percent interest.

How to check the balance of your Provident Fund account?
The balance in the provident fund account can be ascertained in 5 different ways. The first way is to login to the EPFO ​​website with the help of Universal Account Number. The UAN number is different for each employee. It does not change even after changing job and company. After login, go to the option of Services and go to the option of ‘For Employee’ in the dropdown box. Here go to the member passbook option and you can find out the account balance.

On which number to make missed call?
PF subscriber can give a missed call to ‘9966044425’ from the registered number to know the account balance. On calling this number, the call will automatically get disconnected after two rings. If the Universal Account Number is linked to the bank account, Aadhaar number and PAN number, then with the help of the message it will also be known how much has been contributed to the PF account in the last month. Its information is automatically shared by EPFO ​​on the registered mobile number, whenever money is deposited in your account.

Which number to SMS?

If your UAN number is active, you can send a message from the registered phone to 7738299899. Send the text “EPFOHO UAN” to the above number after typing it into the registered number. This service is offered in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali in addition to English. Type three English letters from your language after “EPFOHO UAN” if you want the response in your native tongue. For Bengali, use BEN, and Gujarati, use GUJ.

Users can also download UMANG app on their phones. With the help of Umang app, all work related to provident fund can be done. You can check balance with the help of this app. Apart from this, you can also track the claim status.


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