Changes From December 1st: Big news! These 5 rules have changed from today, Details here

Changes from Dec 1st: Big News!

Changes From December 1st: The last month of the year 2022 will start from 1st December. Like every month, this month too there will be many big changes which will have a direct impact on your pocket. It also includes possible changes in CNG and LPG prices and a big update related to pension. Apart from this, the timing of many trains can also change from tomorrow. Let us know what are the 5 major changes that will happen from tomorrow.

The last date for submission of life certificate of pensioners is 30 November 2022. That means from tomorrow they will not be able to submit life certificate. If you do not submit your certificate then your pension can also be stopped.

In December, the cold increases and with it the fog is also dense, due to which the timing of many trains is changed. Railways has canceled about 50 trains from December 2022 till March next year.

CNG and PNG prices usually change on the first of every month in the country. The prices of CNG and PNG have increased in the last few months.

From date 1, the way of withdrawing money from PNB ATM can also change. Now on inserting the card in the machine, you will get an OTP on the phone, only after entering which you will be able to withdraw money.

There may be an increase in the charges related to third party insurance. However, this increase will be very minor.


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