Breaking News: Employee Salary Hike! Get Ready for a 2-Month Salary Boost – Coming Your Way on 10th November

Employees Rejoice: 2 Months’ Outstanding Salary Cleared Ahead of Diwali!

In a significant move, the management has taken an important decision to ensure that employees receive their long-awaited dues. The central government has provided substantial relief to employees just in time for Diwali.

HEC (Heavy Engineering Corporation) employees, who have endured a 21-month salary delay, are now set to receive their two months’ salary. This much-awaited decision comes as a result of a request made by BJP leader Dinesh Jaiswal to the Heavy Industries Ministry and top management. In response to this plea, the Ministry and management have agreed to release two months’ salary within the next two days to all employees and officers.

This announcement brings much-needed relief to the employees and will result in a substantial boost in their financial situation. Additionally, employees can expect up to Rs 80,000 to be credited to their accounts just in time for Diwali.

In addition to salary disbursement, discussions are in progress regarding the overall betterment of HEC. Matters related to provident fund (PF) and medical insurance implementation are also being expedited.

The management has made significant decisions during their recent meeting. A high-level meeting is slated for next week to chart a promising path forward for HEC. It’s worth noting that HEC employees have been persistently protesting the delay in their 21 months’ worth of salaries. With this positive development, employees will receive two months’ worth of salary just in time for the festive season.

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