Bigg Boss 16 latest updates Salman Khan broke his silence on his fees, said- ‘I am not getting 100 crores | Bigg Boss: Salman Khan broke his silence on his fees, said – ‘I am not getting 100 crores, my money is being spent on lawyers’

Salman Khan

salman khan fees Like every season of Bigg Boss, this time too Salman Khan is going to host the show and this time too he has been in discussion about his fees. It is being said that Bhaijaan has increased the fees for Bigg Boss 16 and this time he is charging 1000 crores for the entire season. After this the news came that Salman Khan is getting Rs 100 crore. Now the actor and the host of the show himself have reacted to all these things and breaking the silence has told the real thing.

Salman Khan said this about fees
There was a press conference on Tuesday regarding Bigg Boss 16 where a lot has been revealed about the show. At the same time, it also became clear that this season will be different from the rest of the season. At the same time, when Salman was asked a question on the news coming about his fees, he clearly said that he cannot get Rs 100 crore. If they did, why would they work? At the same time, Bhaijaan also admitted that due to such news, the expenses of his lawyers have definitely increased because the eyes of Income Tax are on him.

Abdu Rojic will be the first contestant of the show
At the same time, the name of the first contestant to enter the show has also been announced in this press conference. Singer Abdu Rojic from Tajikistan will be the first to enter the house this time. Rojic is going to be seen in Salman’s film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan too. He often comes to India and has also become a social media sensation. Bigg Boss 16 will start from October 1. Now who are the rest of the contestants, it will be known only on the premiere night.


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