Bigg Boss 15 Ex Contestant Pratik Sehajpal Kashika Kapoor big fight during Tu Laut Aa Song launch video viral

Bigg Boss 15 Ex Contestant Pratik Sehajpal Kashika Kapoor big fight during Tu Laut Aa Song launch video viral

New Delhi: In ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ and ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Pratik Sehajpal impressed people a lot with his game. Prateek did both these shows of Bigg Boss back to back and played such a tremendous game in both that everyone was convinced of his game. After this show, Prateik is very busy and appeared in many music videos one after the other. But recently Prateek got angry on his co-actress while launching his new song. He even started threatening to leave the press conference midway. This video of the press conference is going viral on social media.

Prateik’s co-actress has become tu-tu-main-main

The music video of Pratik Sehajpal and Kashika Kapoor has been released. The lyrics of this song are- ‘Tu Laut Aa’. A press conference was held in Mumbai for the launch of this song. Apart from Prateek and Kashika, many more people associated with the music video also participated in this. During this, while talking to the media, Kashika Kapoor said that ‘many things are being said about both of us but I just want to clear that all this is a publicity stunt’. Prateek Sahajpal got furious as soon as Kashika said this. Prateek said in front of everyone that ‘please do not talk on this.’ In response, Kashika said- ‘No problem, I just have to clear it.’ In response, Prateek said that ‘I do not have to clear.’ The debate between the two escalated a lot.

suddenly got up from the seat

To cover up this debate of Kashika Kapoor and Prateek Sahajpal, the person sitting next to Kashika said- ‘See you, this is what is called a publicity stunt.’ Prateek is seen angry in the video. After this, another person associated with this music video says that ‘We have made the song very well and we are very excited about the song.’ On hearing all this, Prateek gets even more angry and he gets up from the seat keeping the phone. Although the person present in the press conference stops them but Prateek says that ‘I have to talk to you now. You guys do one thing, separate it with your brother. Prateek is seen repeatedly saying in the video that please understand sir.

Know what is the matter

What is the reason behind this tu-tu-main-main between Prateek and Kashika Kapoor, it is not yet known. But it is necessary that all is not well between the two and this was revealed in the press conference itself.


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