Bank Holidays in November: Ensure you complete your banking transactions in advance, as banks will be closed on several days during this month.

As per the directives of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks are mandated to observe both public holidays and certain regional holidays, the latter of which are contingent on decisions made by state governments.

The upcoming bank holidays in November 2023 hold significant implications for all bank users. It is advisable to expedite any essential bank-related tasks in advance. In November, in addition to the customary weekly holidays, banks will remain closed for a total of nine additional days. The month commences with Karva Chauth on November 1st, followed by several major festivals, including Diwali.

Due to this continuous string of holidays, it is expected that customers may experience disruptions in their bank-related activities. While online banking services will continue to be available, it’s worth noting that tasks involving checkbooks and passbooks may encounter delays. These temporary interruptions should be factored into your banking plans.

In the month of November, the holiday calendar is packed with festive occasions such as Karva Chauth, Dhanteras, Roop Chaudas, and Diwali. Additionally, there are the customary weekends, comprising Saturdays and Sundays. Specifically, November accommodates four Sundays, contributing to the extended holiday period. It’s worth noting that the number of holidays may vary from state to state due to regional differences in festivals and celebrations.

As per the directives of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks are required to remain closed on all public holidays and select regional holidays, which are subject to the decisions of respective state governments.

When will banks remain closed in November 2023?

  1. 1 November 2023, Wednesday: Kannada Rajyotsava/Kut/Karva Chauth
  2. 5 November 2023, Sunday
  3. 10 November 2023, Friday: Wangala Festival
  4. 11 November 2023, 2nd Saturday
  5. 12 November 2023, Sunday
  6. 13 November 2023, Monday: Govardhan Puja/Lakshmi Puja (Deepawali)/Diwali
  7. 14 November 2023, Tuesday: Diwali (Bali Pratipada)/Deepawali/Vikram Samwant New Year Day/Lakshmi Puja
  8. 15 November 2023, Wednesday: Bhaidooj/Chitragupta Jayanti/Lakshmi Puja (Deepawali)/Ningol Chakkauba/Bharatraditiya
  9. 19 November 2023, Sunday
  10. 20 November 2023, Monday: Chhath (Morning Arghya)
  11. 23 November 2023, Thursday: Seng Kutsnem/Egas-Bagwal
  12. 25 November 2023, 4th Saturday
  13. 26 November 2023, Sunday
  14. 27 November 2023, Monday: Guru Nanak Jayanti / Kartik Purnima / Rahas Purnima
  15. 30 November 2023, Thursday: Kanakadas Jayanti

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